Ancient play for the odd/even papamu is the same set up as the regular 8 x 8 board: black, white, black, white till the board is full.

    Black takes one black piece off from anywhere on the board and white does the same. (This is unlike the 8 x 8 modern board where you take from the middle or a corner.)

    Black takes the first jump.  A jump can be forward, backward, side to side and multiple jumps  and change of direction (like checkers) are allowed.  You do not have to take multiple jumps, you must make a jump.  The person/player with the last jump is the winner.

    The goal of the game is to block your opponent from making a jump.  Blocks are possible on the odd/even board,
even the Kamehameha Move: win in three jumps, 5 pieces removed from the board.

Makers of Fine Handcrafted Konane Game Boards

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  The Misson of Konane Brothers is to spread the game of Konane to the world, by doing so they honor the people of Hawaii, past and present.         

Makers of Fine Handcrafted Konane Game Boards


Konane: The Ancient Hawaiian Game for Modern Times
Papamu Kahalu'u  5 x 6
Most rare petroglyph on the Island of Hawaii
Papamus ready for the market.
Hawaii quarter board

Na Wai Iwi Ola
The ancient waters of life
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Ancient Papamu  Petroglyphs